Cpu Process Usage


CPU Indicator Screen Saver  v.3 6

The screen saver for Windows. It enables you to watch a graphical representation of your CPU's activity. CPU Indicator SS draws two diagrams. The first shows you the CPU's usage history; the second shows you the CPU's current state.

Process Scheduler  v.1.0

Simulate your CPU action with this tool. Stimulation of CPU Process scheduling is use full for student , project is developed by means of java swing ,


Big Meter Pro  v.3.0

A free CPU meter for your desktop, along with three more dials for memory, disk partition and process usage. This utility can continuously and simultaneously monitor these key computer parameters, displaying them on big dials for easy observation.

Remote Task Manager

Remote Task Manager (RTM) is a systems control interface that can be run from any remote Windows 2000/NT computer. This enables a Systems Administrator to control most aspects of a remote environment. The simple-to-use, tabbed interface separates

Mirror32  v.0.0.2

mirror32 is a command-line tool for synchronizing two directories contents. A simple utility that was designed in order to help you copy files from a folder to another and keep or remove the originals in the process.Usage: mirror [-p]

Margu-NotebookInfo2  v.2.2.6

margu-NotebookInfo2 is a sidebar gadget, shows info about at least CPU, WiFi + Battery.margu-NotebookInfo2 Features: 1. clock/alarm/calendar 2. uptime 3. cpu clock 4. cpu/ram usage 5. WiFi/network status 6. battery level/status 7. powerplans 8.

Game Data beta  v.1.0

Game Data will track game usage by sessions (from open to close) and grab CPU + Memory usage + Clicks + and all kinds of other data and display it to the user.

Remote Process Explorer

Manage remote processes and control remote computers. Remote Process Explorer replaces Windows Task Manager with a much more advanced version. Remote Process Explorer allows monitoring all local and remote processes through a single user interface,

AiSystemWidget  v.1.1.0

aiSystemWidget is system monitor utility that provides newest, innovative way of monitoring your Android based mobile device system resources, like Memory, CPU, Network traffic, Battery usage and etc.

CrazyInfo  v.1.4

Small tool for displaying the CPU clock, CPU usage, RAM usage!


ZylCPUUsage is a visual Delphi component that diplays the usage level of the processor in a chart.

Bandicam  v.

Bandicam is the best Game, Video, and Desktop recording software. It is high quality and you can upload the recorded file without converting because the recorded file is much smaller than others. It also has much less Lag/CPU/HDD usage.

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